Garden ‘W’

Abe remarked how his garden was developed 10 years ago out of rubble to recreate a bit of his village Beyköy, near Nicosia northern Cyprus, at his home in Old Trafford. He takes great pride in his high yielding grape vine. “It’s not unusual for me to sit in our garden at 1am in the summer, after work. I have complete privacy, nobody knows I’m there; it’s like a secret garden.


Abe mentioned that he, “[loves] seeing things grow [,,,] it reminds me of being a kid when I had to help my uncle on his farm. He grew potatoes, tomatoes, beans, olives, onions and cabbages. I miss the farm, it gave me discipline. [Now] gardening is like an addiction for me.”

He has many fond memories from his Cypriot childhood which often included food, such as when his village grew enough olives to fill a few air tight barrels from October-January. Barrels contained layers of olives and salt to make a brine and the olives were fermented for 12 months, after which they were then sold at a nearby market.