Garden ‘N’

Below is a photo from 2005, when we moved in. We had a very blank slate to work with in a lovely sized space! The garden was surrounded by Leylandii and only had one small tired looking acer.  The exciting thing was to make a garden from scratch.


Having grown up on a farm, the appeal was creating something natural and a little bit unkempt, like a proper field! So over the last 12 years we have removed all the conifers, planted over 20 trees, including rowan, silver birch, oak trees and 2 scots pines and made both a wild space complete with bee hives and a sunny town garden with borders of perennials and some little veggie beds with herbs.


Everything has had to be low maintenance, so we have bought the minimum of perennials. I’m even experimenting with some little bonsai trees. There is nothing nicer than sitting at the bottom of the garden in high summer, wine glass in hand, listening to the bees doing all the hard work!