Garden ‘M’

If there is one message – one idea – that I’d like you take away from visiting my garden it’s this:

No matter how small, or how smothered in concrete, or how shaded, or how sunny, or how closed in by walls your yard is; you can transform it into a magical space. And the best bit is – it does not have to cost a bundle and it can be fun and easy to do. 

Not sure if you believe me yet? Let me show you how. This is what my yard looked like 3 summers ago…


And this is what it looks like today. Better right?



Let me now share the tricks I used to make it happen in my garden:

Surrounded by high walls?

Soften walls and boundaries with vegetation, and mirrors to create illusion of greater depth.




Small plain space?

Breaking a small space into zones and adding height with plants or structures will make it feel both larger and also more private.



Stuck with ugly pavers?

Cover them with aggregate or mulch to create zones and different textures.



No soil and can’t lift pavers?

Build raised garden beds on top of pavers and plant whatever tickles your fancy as you can control the soil type.



Not sure where to put your plants – in sun or shade?

Keep them in pots and move them around until you find the spot that they thrive in. You’ll know when they are happy as they will grow gorgeous big leaves and flower happily.



And there you have it – just a few ideas on how to transform a dreary cell block yard into a space perfect for spending time in. I have many more tricks up my sleeve – look me up during Open Gardens and I can share them with you.