Garden ‘K’

I bought this house four years ago and was amazed by the size of the garden.  The potential was there to do such a lot, but I’d not done loads of gardening before, being a full time teacher and mother. But with the help of family and good friends, and lots of good advice, it has been really transformed.

Garden 2012

Where our row of 1970 houses now stands, once stood a Victorian terrace.  It was bombed and destroyed in the Second World War, and the soil, and the layout of the garden, bears witness to this history.  It is full of steps, cobbles, bits of pot, lots of pieces of red brick and stone paving slabs.

garden k 2 2012

The conifers have been cut down and removed, all bar one, which is home to a nest of blackbirds every year.  The hedge has been dug out and replaced with raspberry bushes which seem to get more productive each season.  The border has been built up with lots of bought in soil, and compost and manure and now grows all sorts of wonderful plants – not all of which I know!

The hard standing which used to be hired out to car drivers going to football matches has been dug out and replaced with tons of soil and compost and chicken manure and has grown beans and potatoes, and peas and pumpkins and courgettes and this year is a sweetcorn plantation! The garage, which did have asbestos in it, was (safely) removed, and a little wooden shed put in its place.

IMG_0249 (1)IMG_0253

I bought a job lot of fruit trees and they are growing, quite well, but not all productive yet.  One of my fellow gardeners informed me that I may now call the garden an orchard, as I have the requisite number of fruit trees (5).  My next aim for the garden is to build some decking to go across the concrete driveway and also build some raised beds for yet more vegetables.  This is the sunniest corner of the garden and a little paradise at 7pm on a summer’s evening.

If you visit, I hope you enjoy this lovely space, and sense the tranquillity that seems to transcend even the flow of traffic on Stretford Road!


There we are!