Garden ‘A’

Our garden is always open but it occurred to me that only people who pass by on a Wednesday morning know who our gardeners are. We know the work we do is appreciated because many of the plants in the garden are ones which have just been dropped off in plastic bags anonymously and sometimes things pop up which I think are the result of some secretive seed sowing. We love that people trust us to put their offerings to good use.

So, we’ve decided that on open gardens day that we’ll show what we do and be round and about gardening. This’ll keep us happy as we all like to be doing whilst we talk. It also allows us to focus on what our project is really about which is working together, building trust and confidence in our gardening skills and one another, and learning from each other about lots more than just gardening.

We aim to make a space where anyone can feel comfortable enough to pause for a while and enjoy the plants. Lots of our plants have now moved out to tree pits, alleys and other gardens in the area. We specialise in plants that can cope in less hospitable conditions, so let us know if you have a tough spot you want to plant up.

We won’t be doing anything too challenging, so please feel free to ask us questions. The polytunnel will be open and one of us will be in there so don’t the miss the chance to see our one secret bit.


P.S.  I keep meaning to get a lemon verbena and forgetting so if anyone has a cutting they could drop round I’d be most grateful.