Friends of Hullard Park

The Friends of Hullard Park group welcome anyone who loves the park. Join us now if you would like to have your say about how the park is maintained or get involved in improving it for the whole community.

We are all volunteers working to keep Hullard Park a safe, clean and pleasant place. We get together regularly to make plans and to do work in the parks.

Our priorities are:

Gardening – Several of us are keen gardeners and are involved in maintaining, weeding and planting the flowerbeds in the parks. We are also working with the council and Amey to:

  • Reestablish the wildflower meadow
  • Restore the wildlife pond
  • Landscape the Park Avenue entrance

Litter and waste bins – Keeping the park clean is also at the top of the group’s wish list. There are regular litterpicks and we are talking to te council about getting new litterbins, making sure the bins are regularly emptied and improving recycling opportunities within the park.

Bowling Club – The Veterans Bowling Club in Hullard Park is part of the Friends group and we are working with them and the council to get improvements made to the clubhouse. We would also like to initiate a project to encourage more people of all ages to take up bowling.

Seymour Park and Centenary Park – As  well as Hullard Park we are also your first point of contact if you would like to be Friends with Seymour Park and/or Centenary Park.

If you would like to get involved in any of these activities or have some ideas of your own for improving and enhancing the Old Trafford parks please contact Polly Simpson on

If you use social media then get liking and following us on Facebook and Twitter.