Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved…

  • Follow us and share news via twitter & facebook
  • Come along to a meeting (see below)
  • Come along to one of our events (see below)

Love Old Trafford Lots – community growing and so much more.

The Big Meetings – committee meetings, AGM and social get togethers

The aim of these meetings is to discuss all the projects LOTs is involved with, how we can improve unloved sites in Old Trafford and make environmental improvements to where we live.  We also talk about the governace of LOTs and deal with finances, policies and making grant applications.  A great place to come and get support for your own ideas to improve Old Trafford.  Big meetings generally take place at St John’s Centre.   Check our website, Facebook or Twitter for the next big meeting and find out how to get in touch with projects that LOTs is doing at the moment.  Thanks to St John’s for letting us use their rooms.

The last meeting was Tuesday 12 April 2016, 7.30pm at St. John’s Centre.

Here’s the most recent minutes from our meetings

LOTS meeting minutes 090216

Here’s the group’s action plan.

Love Old Trafford – Final Action Plan

Next Big Meeting is our AGM on Tuesday 10 April at St. John’s Centre 7.30pm.

Everyone is welcome to come and find out what we have been up to over the year and share cakes, refreshments.  An ideal time to come and see if you would like to get involved with LOTS.


The Little Meetings – project meetings

LOTs has lots of projects it is involved in around Old Trafford.  Below is a list of our current projects.  Find out more by clicking on each one.

Bare with us, we might not get in touch with you right away, all LOTs people are local residents like yourself and give their time when they are not busy working, looking after the family or planting carrots!

Projects meet as often as they need to and in different places around Old Trafford, some might choose to keep in touch by email, phone or through social media.  The lead person for the project will let you know more.

  • Love Ayres Road – looking after the trees along Ayres Road and making it a greener and cleaner road in Old Trafford. (also see “Comedy Litter Picks” below)
  • Not in my Alley – practical ideas and actions you can take as a resident to keep your alley clean.
  • The BACK gALLErY – a project making your back alley a place to relax and play for all, especially children and families.  How to bring neighbours together and create a community art gallery in your alley.
  • Street Trees Old Trafford – bringing trees to local Streets in the area, making Old Trafford a greener and cleaner place to live.
  • Comedy Litter Picks – regular litter picks along Ayres Road as part of the Love Ayres Road project.  You come in fancy dress we provide the equipment to pick up litter safely.
  • Allotment in the Park – community allotment in Seymour Park between the sports barn and the library.  Come and grow vegetables and flowers.  Help build a wildlife pond. Space for children to grow their own.
  • The Green Mile – Kitty’s beautiful idea, to make the alley ways in Old Trafford  a local attraction.  Starting in one alley the plan is to create a green path through the area.
  • Prestage Street – next to the site where the old jam factory once stood there is a piece of land which is not used.  Help turn this into a small green oasis with fruit bushes and flowers which local residents can enjoy.
  • Parks People – Help make improvements in Seymour Park and Hullard Park.  Not happy about how often bins are emptied? How to stop people putting food out for birds when all that happens is your dog eats it?  Want more flowers in the park? This is the group for you.
  • Open Gardens – next event will be 2017.  Local residents open their private gardens up to visitors.  Community gardens show what they do too.  You can be part of it too.
  • Rubbish Mafia – Concerned about fly tipping in Old Trafford?  Sick of the amount of litter blowing around our streets?  Meet like minded people trying to find long term solutions through partnership work across Trafford.
  • Campaigns – Helping to campaign on environmental issues that concern our neighbourhood.  Linking in with local and national initiatives.



LOTs Events 2016

The first Saturday of every month there will be an event in Old Trafford you can come and get involved with , meet LOTs people and find out more.  A chance to `do’ as well as to `talk’. No commitment needed, come to all or some of one event , or as many as you want.

March 5th – Ayres Rd comedy litter pick – the theme is “litter pick with the queens” – “One is not amused!”.  Come dressed as HRHMadge, or throw caution to the wind and dress as any other queen you wish.  Times and where to meet to be confirmed here soon.

April 2nd – TBC – check back later

May 14th – Ayres Road tree pit planting and tidy up. ore info Mrmation to follow…..

June 4th – Alleyways activity.  More information to follow……

July 2nd – Allotment in the Park – details to follow.

August 6th – TBC- check back later

September 3rd – TBC- check back later

October 1st – TBC- check back later

November 5th – TBC- check back later

December 3rd – TBC- check back later



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  1. Hi there,
    I wondered if it was possible to sign up for email alerts. Would very much like to get involved if possible. Thanks

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