Putting the beds to bed

Gardening in Hullard Park

It was great to have Cath Wade come along and give us a masterclass on how best to approach maintaining the perennial flowerbeds so that they are even more gorgeous next year.

Putting the beds to bed 2017We hope to be able to get some funding in to engage Cath more long term, in the meantime her advice for looking after our two flowerbeds is:

  • Remove the couch grass, nettles, thistles and docks over the next few weeks taking care not to disturb the plant roots too much
  • Leave the dead flower heads in place, they may look a bit untidy but they are great for insects and birds over the winter
  • Then we can pretty much leave the plants to fatten up until February/March next year then we can go back and split the plants that are thriving and spread them around the park and/or use them to replenish the tree pits and Prestage Street

A few of us plan to pop over and spend some time weeding the flower beds over the next few weeks, if you would like to come along too, give us a shout at hullardparkm16@gmail.com or via facebook or twitter


Love Old Trafford invite you to join them on a Rat Run!

On Monday 25 September we will be walking from Ayres Road to Trafford Town Hall dressed as Rats in fancy dress (optional)!

We will be meeting at 5pm, at St John’s Community Centre, St John’s Road, M16 7GX, and will then be walking down Ayres Road to arrive at Trafford Town Hall at 6pm in time for an Executive Meeting of the Council which starts at 6.30pm.

Everyone is welcome to join us.  You can either meet us at St John’s or if you can’t make it for that time, meet us at the Town Hall.

Why will we will be dressed as Rats?

Over a number of years Love Old Trafford have worked with the community of Old Trafford and local services to improve the environment of OT because we love where we live.

In 2015 Trafford Council outsourced environmental services, on a 25 year contract, to a company called Amey and created a partnership between the two organisations called One Trafford.

Since this time, we feel that the level of service provided by One Trafford has declined.  We witness overflowing litter bins, abandoned contaminated green bins, fly tipping is not removed promptly or investigated and streets are not swept properly. There have been reports of vermin sightings…hence the rat theme. Dressing as Rats and walking to Trafford Town Hall is our light-hearted way to protest at the level of service. Nobody wants to have Old Trafford overrun with rats.

Members of LOTS recently met with our MP Kate Green and representatives of Trafford Council where we expressed our frustrations.  On their part, they are collecting information about the level of service that Amey is providing and will be putting in place systems to monitor the contract more closely.

We also want to persuade Trafford Council to get rid of Amey and find another contractor who can provide a better level of service for the Council Tax that we all pay.

In the meantime, please make sure you report any environmental issues to Trafford Council www.trafford.gov.uk/residents/report-it.aspx It is important that you report issues so Trafford Council can build up a picture of the level of service provided.

In addition to this you can highlight the issue on Twitter using the hashtag #OTrevolting and copy in @loveoldtrafford @OneTrafford and @TraffordCouncil

We hope to see you on 25 September.


Rat run 2


Vote at Tesco if you Love Old Trafford

Voting starts on 1st September for Love Old Trafford Upcycling Parties.

If you are fed up with #OTRevolting make sure you vote every time you shop at these Tesco stores:

  • Tesco Metro, Stretford Mall, M32 9BD
  • Tesco Extra, Chester Road, M32 0RW
  • Tesco Express, Esso Chorlton, M21 9PT
  • Tesco Express, Barley Moor Road Chorlton, M21 8AY
  • Tesco Superstore, Hereford Street, Sale, M33 7XN
  • Tesco Express, Green Lane, Sale, M33 5PP
  • Tesco Express, Manor Avenue, Sale, M33 4XA
  • Tesco Express, Norris Road, Sale, M33 2UN

You’ll be voting for …

Local residents to do something about fly tipping, find new homes for once cherished items and give a new lease of life to waste materials.

Each Upcycling Party will be an invitation-only event to make a clean start: A skip is placed on a side street and households sharing alleys are invited to bring along things they want to throwaway, swap or recycle.  While at the same time recycling workshops give local residents the opportunity to create useable items for their home and garden from waste materials and using basic household tools.

Then what?

We will let you know before Christmas how much Bags of Help funding we have won and we’ll start planning some upcycling parties – sign up now and you could have one on your street!

Raking it in

Mowing the meadow

Do you know anyone who would like some hay?

Our scything workshop was a great success on Saturday, follow this Link to Steve Tomlin’s blog post . We managed to cut about a quarter of the Hullard Park meadow. Now it could really do with some tidying up so if you know anyone who could use the hay we have already cut (and is happy to spend an hour or so raking it up) please let us know at hullardparkm16@gmail.com.

Would you like to have a go yourself?

If you fancy having a go at scything yourself (or know someone who does) then there should be a couple more opportunities in September, details will be posted on Facebook and Nextdoor.

What’s it all about?

The Friends of Hullard Park are part of Love Old Trafford and we recently secured some funding to help us re-establish the wildflower ‘hay’ meadow in the park.

The hay meadow was originally established about 10 years ago; it fills nearly ¼ of the whole park and had been a defining and much-loved feature until recently. When the friends group first got together we discussed what our priorities should be and overwhelmingly agreed that a project to restore the meadow was top of the list.

Over the past few years the meadow has been a neglected. For various reasons it has not been cut correctly or at the right time of the year. As a result by last summer it was looking forlorn and unloved.

We want to ensure that by next summer Old Trafford has a wildflower meadow to be proud of again and the funding from Trafford Partnerships is enabling us to:

  • Run a scything workshop in the park and enable local people to get some skills and knowledge about meadow management
  • Provide some learning opportunities for residents old and young, in wildflower identification, the value of the meadow in terms of biodiversity and wildlife and meadow maintenance
  • Purchase some new interpretation boards, which will explain how the meadow works and what visitors can expect to see at different times of the year
  • Do some selective re-seeding and cutting back hedges and trees early next year to reduce shading
  • Host a Picnic in the Park event in August 2018 to celebrate a blooming wildflower meadow and consult with residents, again, on what Hullard Park needs next

Meet me in Hullard Park

Saturday 10th June 1pm – 3pm

Join us in Hullard Park for some gardening and tidying up or just stop by for a quick catch up – we have got lots coming up over the next few weeks.

We’ll be doing bit of weeding in the flowerbeds and tidying around the bowling club gates. All to get ready for our Pop-up Bowling Café on Sunday 2nd July as part of Open Gardens Old Trafford.

AGM LOT’s Tue 9th May 7pm

12341213_10154469364588146_7871526183056397073_nOur AGM is on tonight at St. John’s Centre, St. John’s Road in Old Trafford (M16 7GX for all you sat.nav. fans!).  It’s in the upstairs room where we will be waiting to meet you.  Come and find out what we have been up to in and around Old Trafford to make it a more beautiful place to be.

For those of you who are more adventurous you will have the opportunity to join in the LOT’s team and help us out.  If you can give a little of your time then we can create more dreams and start to bring them to life.  Let LOT’s grow together!


Hope you can join us.  Meeting starts 7pm in St. John’s Centre, St. John’s Road, Old Trafford.  Plan to be done no later than 9pm and if you come late or go early we are really fine with this.  (There will be no tomatoes available but lots of cake.)

See you there, from Elaine the chair.