Help make Prestage street PLANTASTIC!!!

Come and join us for a community planting day at the green area on Prestage street!



No experience of gardening or planting is necessary, we will provide tools, gloves and refreshments. This is a free family friendly event and as well as planting there will also be a special ART CLUB hosted by THE BACK gALLErY. (children need an adult with them)

Untitled drawing (1)


Come along and join us!!!


Show your Love, Shift your …


Sat. 4th Feb 2-3pm, meet at the post offi ce (Ayres Rd)

L.O.T’s Community Litter Pick – fancy dress

Valentines day is coming – let’s make sure Old Trafford looks loved. Dress up – wear red – hearts and fl owers. Face painting; refreshments; litter pickers; gloves; bags; all provided.

Free event, family friendly, children need an adult with them


Are you a gardening beginner?


There are loads of really simple plants and vegetables you can grow, even if you don’t have a garden. Sunflowers, sweet peas or runner beans are just three plants that you can grow in pots. Old Trafford’s houses and flats usually have a small amount of outdoor space but we can make the most of them. If you have never grown plants before then maybe you need a little bit of advice to get you going.

  1. If you have plants in pots outdoors here’s some advice from GroundWorks Manchester who project managed the WonderWall Alleys refurbishment in Old Trafford in October 2016. I

pot plant sos.jpg


2. Next Steps

If you want to learn more about gardening St John’s Centre run an FREE, open to all gardening group ‘What’s Growing On?’ every Wednesday morning 10:00-12pm, for more information call Tel: 0161 872 7795, Email: .

We hope that GroundWorks will be supporting gardening workshops in Old Trafford in Spring 2017.

3. Come and talk to us

Come along to one of our events on the first Saturday each month for a chat. (check upcoming events for more info).


Good luck with whatever you choose to grow and please send us pictures of your floral fun  and vegetable victories.

The LOTs team XX




Come and take a closer look this Saturday !

Heard about the new alleys? want to take a closer look?


On Saturday 5th Nov 11am-12pm LOVE OLD TRAFFORD  invites you to come and have a look round some of the new alleyways recently done with Groundworks (see their article about it here), chat to residents and get ideas for what you could do in your alleyway.

We will be serving Tea and Coffee (and maybe some cakes too) under the LOTS gazebo on Myrtle Street, by the Post Office on Ayres road between 11am and 12pm. You can start your tour from there too.

Come along!

Lots of gorgeous looking Alleys in OT

On Wednesday 5th October you may have noticed a lot of activity going on around Old Trafford. Lorries full of plants, piles of compost, water bottles and flowerpots, coach loads of volunteers….

This was the day that several alleys in Old Trafford were to be transformed from grot spots where people fly tipped to beautiful spaces where the community can use, enjoy and children play.

Love Old Trafford have worked with GROUNDWORKS and external funders to bring about this project and it is amazing to see the transformation!

The alleys have been cleaned, swept, drains mended, gates painted and filled with lots of wonderful plants,herbs, furniture, play equipment and lights.

The alleys between Ayres road, Lanshaw street, Worthington street, Pemberton street and Howarth street no longer look dirty and dumped in but are now beautiful spaces that Old Trafford can be proud of.

This is a fantastic result for lots of the residents on these streets who have worked so hard previously in combatting flytipping and creating nice spaces in these alleys and it will hopefully be an encouragement for those residents who may have contributed to the problems in the past to change their actions and enjoy these new community areas.

Check out #NOTINMYALLEY for more information about how we can keep our alleys clean and useable.

Alley parties have already been had this weekend to celebrate the work that has been done and it is wonderful to see the community coming together like this.

If you dont live on one of these streets but would like to come and see the transformed alleys for yourself we will be doing a tour of the alleys on SATURDAY 5th NOVEMBER 11am-12pm. Meet at Myrtle Street next to the Post office on Ayres road.

Come along! We will also be looking at ideas and projects in which we can continue this work around old Trafford and build on what has been started.