Welcome to our blog for residents who love Old Trafford in Manchester, UK and want to make it an even better place to live. We have an exciting range of small projects ongoing in our area including an alley art club for families, a community allotment, an biannual open garden event, regular litter picking and generally greening our streets and alleys.

We hold community events on the first Saturday of every month usually at one of our projects. This is a brilliant time for you to come along, meet us and join in. If you have an idea of your own and would like our support or perhaps to run a project through Love Old Trafford please email and tell us all about it.

If you would like to join our mailing list sign up here.

If you want to get in touch, contact us by email.


Borrow our tools!

LOTs has tools and equipment it can lend to local residents who want to make environmental improvements for FREE.  You are welcome to borrow our spades, trowels, wheel barrow, litter pickers, gloves, shovels and buckets. We even have a lovely gazebo that would be great for a community event.

Contact us at loveoldtrafford@gmail.com


Love Old Trafford Aim’s are: 

To bring the community together to focus on the environment of the area
To work, negotiate and campaign for improvements in the community
To encourage a sense of community by welcoming members irrespective of race, nationality, colour, ethnicity, sex, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political opinions or marital status
To ensure that all members are informed and consulted regularly and that all residents who live in the area are encouraged to join

This is our committee (we are always open to new people)

Laura Mackey – Chair

Polly Simpson (Project Lead Friends of Hullard Park) & Emma Burgham – shared Secretary

Julian Dearlove – Treasurer

Amanda Johnson- Committee Member

Elaine Eland – Committee Member

Jill Audibert – Committee Member

Laura Gaither- Committee Member (Project Lead  Open Gardens )

Liz Madge – Committee Member (Project Lead on Campaigns)

Lynda Sterling- Committee Member (Project Lead  THE BACK gALLErY)

Malc Sterling – Committee Member (Project Lead  Not in My Alley)

Nicola Scott – Committee Member

Phil Johnson – Committee Member

Sally Thelwell – Committee Member

Tor Hallas – Committee Member


Thank You to all LOTs friends

A special thanks to Mark Dale & Mike Crosby.  I know we might criticise Trafford Council every now and then, but Mark & Mike from the Trafford One Team really do support what we are trying to do.  We were mightily impressed that the tree pits were re-planted after plants & flowers were destroyed by weed killer maintenance spraying.


More information

Love Old Trafford (formerly the Old Trafford Environment and Safety Group) became constituted in April 2013. The group has been meeting since January 2011 and has been involved in environmental, safety and community growing activities since then. This community-led group has been working with partners (local Councillors, Trafford Council, GMP Police, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue, Hope Manchester, St John’s Church, Trafford Housing Trust, Princes Trust volunteers, amongst others) to improve the condition of the environment and improve community safety in Old Trafford.


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