Prestage Street out of Jam?!

Hi Old Trafford people – and especially all those living around Prestage Street and the old Duerr’s Jam factory site.  Duerr’s continues it’s migration ​`​down south` (sure you’re meant to do this with an accent) towards Wythenshawe.  Back here `up north’ we have been trying to make improvements to the Prestage Street area for several years.   Including planting fruit bearing plants, as a nod to the historical jam production in the area.  Mural Life has recently been joining in with improvement with their wonderful gable end art.

We are pleased to announce Groundworks have been working with us and have decided to take on the challenge.  They will be starting a large scale landscape development and improvement project in the area.  Work starts on May 3rd and will last for 3 weeks.  So it’s time to go out and take photos for the before, during and after shots.  Share them on our facebook page.

If you want to know more please get in touch and we can share what we know and put you in touch with the right people in Groundworks Trust.   Alternatively they have told us they will be putting up signs in the area to share what they plan to do.




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