Killer makes good…

IMG_20180129_170229635Before Christmas, One Trafford (the partnership between Trafford Council and Amey) re-planted the tree-pits on Ayres Road at no cost to Love Old Trafford. That’s because a One Trafford contractor weed-sprayed them earlier in the year. This killed most of the plants we’d planted and looked after over the last four years. It was a mistake and One Trafford has said sorry.


They’ve put in perennial plants for us, which should come up every year. They look a bit underwhelming at the moment, but come spring they will get growing. There should be more flowers in future too, as we’ve now got some hardy geraniums as well as more of the same sorts of plants that were there before the weed-spraying.


Big thanks to Amey staff Mark Saxon, Dave Sykes and Mike Crosby for organising this, and to Rebecca and Darren and their team for doing the planting.


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