Putting the beds to bed

Gardening in Hullard Park

It was great to have Cath Wade come along and give us a masterclass on how best to approach maintaining the perennial flowerbeds so that they are even more gorgeous next year.

Putting the beds to bed 2017We hope to be able to get some funding in to engage Cath more long term, in the meantime her advice for looking after our two flowerbeds is:

  • Remove the couch grass, nettles, thistles and docks over the next few weeks taking care not to disturb the plant roots too much
  • Leave the dead flower heads in place, they may look a bit untidy but they are great for insects and birds over the winter
  • Then we can pretty much leave the plants to fatten up until February/March next year then we can go back and split the plants that are thriving and spread them around the park and/or use them to replenish the tree pits and Prestage Street

A few of us plan to pop over and spend some time weeding the flower beds over the next few weeks, if you would like to come along too, give us a shout at hullardparkm16@gmail.com or via facebook or twitter


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