Love Old Trafford meeting 9 Feb 2016

We would like to invite you to come to the next LOTS (Love Old Trafford) meeting to find out more about what we do, and to get involved.  We are meeting on Tuesday 9th Feb in St. John’s Centre at our new time of 7.30pm.  We plan to finish by 9.30pm.

You are welcome to come and find out about what we do and meet some of the people who are involved.  We are all local residents and are involved in our spare time, giving whatever time we feel we can give.  If you come to a meeting there is no expectation that you get involved in everything, or anything at all. People usually come with a passion for a particular issue – fly tipping in their alley; litter in the park; seeing an empty plot of land they think would make a good growing site.  Others just come because they want to support others in their community in making a better place to live.

If you do have a burning issue that you want to bring to the group we ask you to email us prior to the meeting to let us know.  As residents we know there is nothing more frustrating than having a problem to solve and not having the time to discuss it with others and find support.

Hope to see you at our next meeting.




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