Love Old Trafford AGM

Dear all,

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Love Old Trafford will take place on Tuesday 12 May, 7pm, at St John’s Centre.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

At the AGM we –

·       Report on the group’s work over the last year.

·       Review the group’s constitution and make any amendments (please see attached).

·       Elect a new committee for the next year.

Report on the group’s work over the last year

Please can members that have delivered projects over the last year provide a short report on your project at the AGM?  Please can you also send a record of any income and expenditure to the Treasurer (Julian Dearlove by Friday 1 May so he can put together a Treasurer’s Report at the meeting?


At the AGM the current committee stand down and a new committee is elected.  If you wish to put yourself forward to be either an Officer or a Committee member then please let the Secretary (Sam Tattum know by email or on the night.

The following Officers are elected to form the Committee:  a Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer and up to 4 other Committee members may also be elected.

The Committee shares the tasks within the group and each position should not be too time consuming or onerous.  We would love new members to get involved in the Committee.

Brief descriptions of the roles are below –

All members of the Committee are responsible for oversight of the work of the group and its finances.

The work of the committee will include:

·       Meeting regularly

·       Ensuring members are kept informed

·       Managing the finances

·       Agreeing a budget, and a fundraising strategy

·       Making sure the organisation is properly insured

·       Making sure the organisation stays within the law

·       Developing policies in areas such as equal opportunities, health and safety, and recruitment, induction and supervision of volunteers and employees

·       Managing volunteers and employees and making sure they are treated properly

·       Monitoring and evaluating performance

The Chairperson

The job of the chairperson is to:

·       Prepare the agenda for meetings (usually with the secretary). This will include thinking about how long each item might take, and whether committee members need information in advance

·       Chair committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting

·       Represent the group and speak on its behalf

·       Have an overview of the organisation and its work

·       Sign and or write letters (only sometimes and usually with the secretary)

·       Lead, produce ideas and keep the organisation on the right lines

·       Support and encourage other members (and any paid staff or volunteers the organisation may have) and help to resolve conflicts

The Secretary

The job of the secretary is to:

·       Prepare the agenda (with the chairperson)

·       Produce and circulate the agenda

·       Ensure that appropriate information is obtained and provided for committee members for the meeting

·       Take, write and circulate minutes

·       After meetings, to inform members who were absent of any action they need to take

·       Maintain the membership list

·       Receive correspondence and report about it to the committee

·       Write letters on behalf of the organisation – these may need to be checked / signed by the chairperson

·       Book rooms, arrange meetings and organise refreshments

·       Keep the organisation’s constitution, a copy of the minutes and other records in a safe place

·       Produce a written annual report, if needed

·       Ensure the organisation has adequate insurance

·       Ensure that necessary documents are completed eg, for the Charity Commission, Companies House or funders.

The Treasurer

The job of the treasurer is to:

·       Keep accurate, up-to-date financial records (records should be kept for 7 years)

·       Produce end of year accounts – or arrange for these to be completed and externally examined, in line with statutory requirements, and the group’s constitution

·       Communicate with the bank, including ensuring that bank statements are regularly received and kept safely and that cheque signatory mandates are kept up to date

·       Check bank statements and reconcile them with the cash book / current account book on a regular basis

·       Ensure that understandable systems are in place and operated by all members / staff / volunteers, eg for petty cash claims (the Treasurer need not necessarily handle every item of cash themselves)

·       Ensure that bills are paid promptly and all income is banked on a regular basis

·       Report regularly to the committee on the financial situation

·       Be able to give an accurate picture of the organisation’s financial position at any given time

·       Report to the Annual General Meeting on the end of year accounts

·       Prepare an annual budget for the committee

·       Ensure that funds are being spent in accordance with the organisation’s objects and that the money given for a specific purpose can be seen to have been used correctly

·       Keep an inventory of equipment eg, computers

Not the Treasurer’s job

Although the Treasurer is responsible for preparing a draft budget and reporting regularly to the committee about the state of finances, it is the responsibility of the committee to:

·       Agree the budget

·       Make decisions about allocating money

·       Fundraise

·       Make grant applications (though the Treasurer should be involved in this, eg, to look over budgets)

·       Chase committee members eg, for receipts

We hope to see you there.
Kind regards,
Love Old Trafford

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