Tea, Cake and Centenary Gardens

It’s back to school time, and many of us have been sorting and organising ourselves after this beautiful summer. In this spirit, the lovely team at Centenary Gardens will be pruning, hacking and tidying in this Saturday, 8th September from 1-3pm. Why not join in, then catch up with your neighbours over cake and tea? For keen and aspiring gardeners there will also be the chance to learn how to prune cherry and plum trees. All ages welcome!


Keep off the Grass!

keep off the grass

Have you walked down Prestage Street recently?  The work is nearly completed.  Work has taken longer than expected with some additional items, needing time to cure, grow or bed in.

prestage street 1 8618You will notice that there are some areas of dirt – not very attractive yet! – but they are seeded with grass and need at least 4 weeks to grow.  So please keep off the fenced area so the grass has a chance to grow.  If you have any questions then please contact Julie Hyslop at Groundwork between Wednesday and Friday on:-

T: 0161 220 1016

M: 07990952508

E: julie.hyslop@groundwork.org.uk

Groundwork are the people who have been developing the plot for Love Old Trafford.

prestage street 1 8618

Prestage Street out of Jam?!

Hi Old Trafford people – and especially all those living around Prestage Street and the old Duerr’s Jam factory site.  Duerr’s continues it’s migration ​`​down south` (sure you’re meant to do this with an accent) towards Wythenshawe.  Back here `up north’ we have been trying to make improvements to the Prestage Street area for several years.   Including planting fruit bearing plants, as a nod to the historical jam production in the area.  Mural Life has recently been joining in with improvement with their wonderful gable end art.

We are pleased to announce Groundworks have been working with us and have decided to take on the challenge.  They will be starting a large scale landscape development and improvement project in the area.  Work starts on May 3rd and will last for 3 weeks.  So it’s time to go out and take photos for the before, during and after shots.  Share them on our facebook page.

If you want to know more please get in touch and we can share what we know and put you in touch with the right people in Groundworks Trust.   Alternatively they have told us they will be putting up signs in the area to share what they plan to do.



Spring is Springing – re-arranged Suffragette Spring Clean Saturday

Have you noticed?  Spring is springing up all over Old Trafford and we love it.

You are invited to come and join our re-arranged Suffragette Spring Clean Saturday Mar. 17th – 1-2pm Clifton Grove – off Stretford Road, opposite Old Trafford Academy primary school.  Family friendly and free, all equipment you need is provided, along with refreshments and Old Trafford Women’s Institute cakes – what’s not to like.


MILHOLLAND,_INEZ,_SUFFRAGETTE._CENTERFancy dress is optional, but simple ideas are come in a fancy hat; wear green, purple or white ribbons/clothes; bring your own banner; wear a long skirt/frock.  Dressing up is fun and makes it more memorable for everyone involved, and anyone who is passing by.





The community litter pick is just another casualty of the “Beast form the East” extreme weather we are experiencing at the moment.  Litter will be hard to find under the snow.

IMG_20180301_090347703_HDR[1].jpgLOTs people with their usual optimism had thought that snow and cold gusts of wind might have blown over by Saturday.  We have now decided that this is probably not going to be the case.  Therefore we are cancelling the litter pick that was due to take place on Saturday 3rd March 1-2.30pm.

One LOTs parent happily commented on the cancellation, “I was beginning to think  how I would be bring out all my kids + extras to litter pick in freezing temperatures and I didn’t think cake was going to do it!!!”

Apologise to everyone who has organised their `ode to the Suffragettes’ fancy dress costume, but please keep it for a to be arranged later date.  Once the cold weather is over we will be back out in our suffrage ribbons, hats and skirts.




Deeds Not Words

litter pick mar 3 2018We are looking forward to our next community litter pick.  LOTs people are getting involved and will be joined by Old Trafford Women’s Institute and Great Places Housing Group.

Fancy dress is actively encouraged and we are giving a nod to the fact International Women’s Week is on it’s way celebrating 150 years since some women got the right to vote in the UK.   We suggest purple, white, green ribbons; fancy hats; placards .

This is a family friendly event.  Where children can bring along their adults to get involved in improving how our Old Trafford looks.

All equipment will be provided and the LOTs gazebo will be there to offer shelter and refreshments.  Look out for fabulous WI cakes – definitely worth picking up a bit of litter for.

Killer makes good…

IMG_20180129_170229635Before Christmas, One Trafford (the partnership between Trafford Council and Amey) re-planted the tree-pits on Ayres Road at no cost to Love Old Trafford. That’s because a One Trafford contractor weed-sprayed them earlier in the year. This killed most of the plants we’d planted and looked after over the last four years. It was a mistake and One Trafford has said sorry.


They’ve put in perennial plants for us, which should come up every year. They look a bit underwhelming at the moment, but come spring they will get growing. There should be more flowers in future too, as we’ve now got some hardy geraniums as well as more of the same sorts of plants that were there before the weed-spraying.


Big thanks to Amey staff Mark Saxon, Dave Sykes and Mike Crosby for organising this, and to Rebecca and Darren and their team for doing the planting.

Putting the beds to bed

Gardening in Hullard Park

It was great to have Cath Wade come along and give us a masterclass on how best to approach maintaining the perennial flowerbeds so that they are even more gorgeous next year.

Putting the beds to bed 2017We hope to be able to get some funding in to engage Cath more long term, in the meantime her advice for looking after our two flowerbeds is:

  • Remove the couch grass, nettles, thistles and docks over the next few weeks taking care not to disturb the plant roots too much
  • Leave the dead flower heads in place, they may look a bit untidy but they are great for insects and birds over the winter
  • Then we can pretty much leave the plants to fatten up until February/March next year then we can go back and split the plants that are thriving and spread them around the park and/or use them to replenish the tree pits and Prestage Street

A few of us plan to pop over and spend some time weeding the flower beds over the next few weeks, if you would like to come along too, give us a shout at hullardparkm16@gmail.com or via facebook or twitter

Love Old Trafford invite you to join them on a Rat Run!

On Monday 25 September we will be walking from Ayres Road to Trafford Town Hall dressed as Rats in fancy dress (optional)!

We will be meeting at 5pm, at St John’s Community Centre, St John’s Road, M16 7GX, and will then be walking down Ayres Road to arrive at Trafford Town Hall at 6pm in time for an Executive Meeting of the Council which starts at 6.30pm.

Everyone is welcome to join us.  You can either meet us at St John’s or if you can’t make it for that time, meet us at the Town Hall.

Why will we will be dressed as Rats?

Over a number of years Love Old Trafford have worked with the community of Old Trafford and local services to improve the environment of OT because we love where we live.

In 2015 Trafford Council outsourced environmental services, on a 25 year contract, to a company called Amey and created a partnership between the two organisations called One Trafford.

Since this time, we feel that the level of service provided by One Trafford has declined.  We witness overflowing litter bins, abandoned contaminated green bins, fly tipping is not removed promptly or investigated and streets are not swept properly. There have been reports of vermin sightings…hence the rat theme. Dressing as Rats and walking to Trafford Town Hall is our light-hearted way to protest at the level of service. Nobody wants to have Old Trafford overrun with rats.

Members of LOTS recently met with our MP Kate Green and representatives of Trafford Council where we expressed our frustrations.  On their part, they are collecting information about the level of service that Amey is providing and will be putting in place systems to monitor the contract more closely.

We also want to persuade Trafford Council to get rid of Amey and find another contractor who can provide a better level of service for the Council Tax that we all pay.

In the meantime, please make sure you report any environmental issues to Trafford Council www.trafford.gov.uk/residents/report-it.aspx It is important that you report issues so Trafford Council can build up a picture of the level of service provided.

In addition to this you can highlight the issue on Twitter using the hashtag #OTrevolting and copy in @loveoldtrafford @OneTrafford and @TraffordCouncil

We hope to see you on 25 September.


Rat run 2